1. Stealing Home

    While dealing with a wealth of family issues, Serenity, South Carolina, resident Maddie Townsend, jobless and newly single, finds herself the talk of the town when her son's baseball coach declares his love. Original.
  2. Hoppípolla

    Thanks to hollowpapa for sharing the music.
    "Hoppípolla" (Icelandic for "Jumping into puddles") is a song by Icelandic band Sigur R�s from their 2005 album ''Takk...''. It was released as the album's second single on November 28 2005. The lyrics are mainly in Icelandic, with some lines sung in Vonlenska ("Hopelandic"). Written with spaces, the song's title would be "Hoppa í polla" (the "—a" in "hoppa" is not pronounced). As with many of the band's songs, it was given a nickname ...